Adult Classes (Ages 13+)

Adult classes are welcoming! Do not worry about the intimidation factor that you might have seen in other training facilities! No one is here to judge you, at Rodrigo Resende Academy in Spruce Grove, Alberta our family understands that a welcoming atmosphere is far easier to learn in than an atmosphere full of ego.

At Rodrigo Resende we promote family, this means that you will decide to train for YEARS vs just Months, and more still, learn what it feels like to help those newer to Brazilian Jiu jitsu feel like you will at our school!

Just like any exercise, sticking with it will be your key to success, and we do all we can to provide incredible instruction, welcoming atmosphere, and encouragement to build lasting friendships through your common ground of the Martial Arts!

Every class is a complete workout designed to improve your flexibility, balance, endurance and strength. With regular training you will lose weight, gain muscle tone and even improve your athletic performance in other sports.

Through our programs you will:

  • Improve your health
  • Reduce your stress
  • Get fit
  • Increase your confidence
  • Learn a highly effective form of self-defense
  • Positively impact every aspect of your life
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