Youth Program (Ages 7-12)

This is how we have fun! Yes that’s right, learning Jiu Jitsu or Judo here at Rodrigo Resende Academy in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada is awesome! Kids from ages 7-12 are eligible to enter our classes for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo.

As a student of these martial arts your child will learn much more than just self defence, or even become physically active! They will learn a deep self-confidence through self-improvement! It will grow in EVERY area of their lives, from home life, school, or even other sports!

Judo and BJJ helps kids get fit by improving their coordination, flexibility, strength and endurance. Our enthusiastic instructors and high-energy classes make getting in shape fun and rewarding. Your child will look forward to coming to class and will want to attend regularly.

Your child will:

  • Become more fit, energetic, and active
  • Learn the importance of treating others with courtesy and respect
  • Learn the value of self-control and the power of cooperation
  • Gain the ability to set and achieve goals
  • Learn to persevere and not give up when faced with challenges
  • Become more disciplined
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