Little Grapplers Martial Arts (Ages 4-6)

Well how do you teach 4-6 year olds Martial arts?!? PATIENCE! And A LOT of fun! The little grapplers program here at Rodrigo Resende Academy is designed to teach the fundamentals of learning! We help develop your child’s focus, ability to follow directions, and of course coordination and physical fitness.

You can expect in every little grapplers class

  • A sense of focus and determination
  • A structured learning environment
  • A fun and safe form of exercise
  • Instructors that are friendly, encouraging, and act as positive role models

After completing the Little Grapplers Program, your child will be fully prepared to join regular Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Judo children’s classes!

Teachers and parents alike often notice a dramatic difference in children who study the martial arts. Teaching kids to stay focused is one of our specialities and the results are noticeable!

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