Marital Arts Classes in Edmonton, Spruce Grove, and St Albert

We offer an assortment of martial arts classes for all ages. As our gym is one of the largest martial arts facilities in Canada, our members come from all parts of the Edmonton Area, including West Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, St. Albert and Parkland County. Programs are catered for both adults and children at all skills levels, from beginners to advanced.

Programs For All Ages

Little Grapplers (ages 4-6)

Well how do you teach 4-6 year olds Martial arts?!? PATIENCE! And A LOT of fun! The little grapplers program here at Rodrigo Resende Academy is designed to teach the fundamentals of learning! We help develop your child’s focus, ability to follow directions, and of course coordination and physical fitness.

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Youth Programs (ages 7-12)

This is how we have fun! Yes that’s right, learning Jiu Jitsu or Judo here at Rodrigo Resende Academy in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada is awesome! Kids from ages 7-12 are eligible to enter our classes for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Judo.

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Adult Classes (ages 13+)

Adult classes are welcoming! Do not worry about the intimidation factor that you might have seen in other training facilities! No one is here to judge you, at Rodrigo Resende Academy in Spruce Grove, Alberta our family understands that a welcoming atmosphere is far easier to learn in than an atmosphere full of ego.

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Martial Arts After School Programs for Children

The Rodrigo Resende Academy is happy to present the THRIVE After School Program.

The THRIVE After School Program provides your children with a safe, fun learning environment to develop physical, mental, and social skills to prepare them for life. Our trained staff not only lead the kids through martial arts and a variety of physical activities, but also help mentor them to be their best. We provide time and support for homework or extra learning initiatives, as well as some free play time in our rec room to build social skills with their peers. There is no other program like THRIVE!

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Martial Arts Classes

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  • Your monthly membership also includes access to our weightlifting gym, unlimited classes, meet-and-greets with professional fighters, and more.
  • We offer discounts on family plans. Just ask.